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General questions

What is Technology Bigbox?

Technology Bigbox buys unwanted gift cards for less than their value and resells them at a discount to savvy shoppers across the country. It is a great way to get cash for your unwanted gift cards, and to save money on all your purchases with discounted gift cards.

How do you sell gift cards for less than their value?

Billions of dollars worth of gift cards are gifted every year to people who have no interest in shopping at that merchant. Those people sell those cards for less than their face value and we pass on some of those savings to you!

What else can you tell me about Technology Bigbox?

What do you want to know? We were founded in 2021 and since then we've seen amazing growth. Turns out, when you create a company that solves a few different problems for a lot of people, folks like you turn up in droves. Thanks for being here!

What happens if I have questions that aren’t listed here?

Cool no problem, we’ve got answers! can get you those answers.

Buying gift cards

What payment methods do you accept?

You can purchase your discounted gift cards using a Credit Card, Paypal. Once you have completed a minimum of 3 transactions and intend on making a purchase of over $1,000 you may apply for access to ACH payment. Email a copy of your driver's license, the email that your account is saved under, and a small note requesting access to ACH payment, to Your application will then be reviewed by one of our compliance experts.

Do you accept returns?

At this time, TECHNOLOGY BIGBOX does not offer refunds or returns once a gift card has been mailed out of our facilities, or once emailed electronically.

TECHNOLOGY BIGBOX will not be held responsible for lost mail or missing items.

Do you ever require additional verification?

Sometimes. If we do we will reach out through your phone number or email address. Once we receive additional verification we should not need it again unless your information changes. Any orders you have placed will not be processed until the verification is complete.

Can I purchase large volumes of gift cards at once?

Sure. If you are interested in buying gift cards in large volumes, $5,000 or more in monthly purchases, please contact us at: and a member of our bulk buying team will reach out to you.

Can I use your gift cards for online purchases?

Often you can. We do our best to keep our merchant pages up to date with this kind of information but we recommend you check with the merchant first if it is very important to you. Our legal department refuses to take responsibility for merchant changes, they are sticklers like that.

Do gift cards expire?

Most gift cards never expire. Due to governmental intervention most merchants removed any expiration date from their gift cards. Yeah for the government!

Are there any other steps I should be taking to protect my cards?

Definitely, and this is very important. Use of a secondary marketplace such as CardCash comes with inherent risks. For this reason we strongly recommend that you use your gift cards.

What happens if I have questions that aren't listed here?

Cool no problem, we got answers! can get you those answers.